A Good Connection

  • Why Is Gaming Lag Still A Problem With Fast Internet?

    6 June 2016

    So you've got the fastest Internet available in your area. Downloads are quick, especially when it comes to downloading games and updates. Unfortunately, whenever you try to play a game, it seems like everything is going wrong with the consistency. People run in place, you shoot dead on target with no results, and when everything starts moving, your character is suddenly on the ground filled with either bullets, arrows, or charred by dragon's fire.

  • Five Easy Ways To Avoid Going Over Your Data Cap

    18 August 2015

    With how much data the majority of internet users take up while browsing the web, watching movies online, or updating photos to share with friends, it may seem impossible to work around having a data cap. Whether the cap is a low 25gb a month or over 100gb, you should make some easy adjustments to your internet habits to avoid going over the cab and paying more for data. Take Advantage of Non-Peak Hours

  • Four Things You Should Do Before Your Colocation Transition

    25 July 2015

    The transition from on-site servers to colocation can be overwhelming. You'll want to take extra time in the planning stages to be sure that the implementation and transition happen as smoothly as possible. The more efficient your server relocation, the less downtime your staff will see in the process. Here's a look at what you need to know for a successful transition to colocation. Start With Thorough Planning The planning process is vital to a successful transition.

  • Data Center: How It Protects Your Crucial Documents From Cyber Crime

    22 June 2015

    If you're concerned about the safety of your important business and employee documents, store your information at a data center. A data center is a secure facility located away from your place of business. Although you may have safety protocols in place at your business, hackers can still invade your privacy and steal crucial data. Hackers obtain your data with advanced cyber theft equipment that decodes passwords and encrypted account numbers.