A Good Connection

Does Your Business Need A High Speed Fiber Connection?

by Leo Wiita

Does your business depend on an internet connection to get stuff done? If so, you may be wondering if you should upgrade from your slow ISP to a high-speed fiber connection. Having an incredibly fast connection to the internet can be beneficial in the following situations.

You Download Large Files

One of the benefits of using fiber is going to be the download speed. While you may hear that you can get speeds up to 1 gigabit, you may not realize what that actually means. One gigabit is the equivalent to 125 megabytes per second. This means that you can download 1 gigabyte of data in as fast as 8 seconds. There will be no more waiting around for large files to download.

You Upload Large Files

The nice thing about high-speed fiber connections to the internet is that they often do not have the same upload caps as traditional broadband connections. While your ISP may advertise fast speeds, it is likely just for the download and not the upload. If your company uploads large files all the time, you'll notice that the process is incredibly slow. Fiber is going to give you the entire data pipe for uploading speeds so that you can upload just as fast as you can download.

You Use Cloud Backups

Do you have a server that is constantly being backed up to the cloud? If so, this is a constant stream of data that is being uploaded and can slow down your internet connection. Having fiber doesn't just mean fast upload speeds for one person, but enough bandwidth so that everyone can use the internet without limitations. Processes can run in the background during the day and not disrupt other users.

You Use Remote Access Software

Have employees that need to log in to their workstation remotely? The quality of their remote connection highly depends on how fast you can upload from your office location. Slow upload speeds result in losing color depth of the screen quality, lagging mouse and keyboard inputs, and an overall unenjoyable experience. A fiber connection can help the employee feel like they are at their workstation in the office, even though they are connecting remotely. There is no need to slow an employee down when there are ways to fix the problem.

Not sure if a high speed fiber internet services for business connection is right for your company? Contact the fiber internet provider for more information about how fiber can be a great choice.