A Good Connection

Getting Internet Installed At Your Home? Have These Things Ready To Go

by Leo Wiita

Do you have an upcoming appointment for the Internet to be installed in your home? If so, it will help to have the following things ready to go so that the installation goes smoothly. 

Your Modem

Are you going to be bringing your own modem so that you can save money on equipment rental costs? It will be a good idea to have your modem purchased and ready to go prior to your installation date. While you can always add a modem at a later date and get rid of the one provided by your Internet service provider, it is better to not go through the hassle of swapping and returning old equipment if you do not have to.

Your Router

Some modems have router capabilities built into them, which means you are all set with a single device. However, you may need a more robust solution for your home Internet. This includes using multiple devices that have a wired connection or a more advanced mesh WiFi network that helps extend the signal over your entire home. Have these items purchased and ready to go so that you can test it out before the installer leaves your home. You may need assistance putting your modem into bridge mode so that it can connect to your router and distribute internal IP addresses correctly. 

Your Hardware Location

The installation process will involve bringing a cable into your home that the modem will connect to. The installer can run this wire anywhere that you want, but you need to have a hardware location picked out. Many people try to pick a centrally located part of their home, which will keep the modem and wireless router next to each other and in a place where the entire house can receive a signal. Other people may put the modem in the basement so that it is out of the way. Just make sure you have the spot picked out and easily accessible.

Your Devices

You are going to need some type of device to test your network after the Internet is up and running at your home. This is likely to only be a concern if you are having the Internet installed at a new home and you do not have anything in the house yet. It may help to bring a single WiFi device, such as a tablet, so you can test it out in various rooms of the house to see if you get a good WiFi signal. 

Contact an internet installation service to learn more about the installation process.