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Enjoy The Features Of A DVR

by Leo Wiita

Once the VCR was available to the public, people ran to the stores to buy one for their homes. Then, within a few years, it wasn't uncommon for households to have several VCRs in their homes. Nowadays, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to walk into a home and find a working VCR connected to any of the TVs throughout the house. Now, the DVR has taken over where the VCR left off. You can learn more about DVRs, and what they offer by reading the information here.

About digital video recorders

DVRs are actually digital video recorders and they work on much of the same premise of VCRs, only they work better, and they have a lot more in the way of features and benefits. A DVR will allow you to record what is on the TV, so you can watch it later when you are able to.

With a DVR, you can even set it to record a lot of different programs, so you can watch what you want at your leisure. Your DVR will have a hard drive that is inside of a box that makes it similar to a smaller VCR in theory. However, it acts more like a simple computer due to the hard drive and the way it functions.

Some features DVRs offer

While some of the DVRs allow you to only record one thing at a time, there are some that have dual tuner technology. The dual tuner technology allows you to record two separate shows that are coming on different channels at the very same time.

Some home networks have the ability to include your DVR in their plan. This means that you will be able to access the DVR remotely. Once you have the DVR connected to the home network, you will be able to get on one of your devices and set the DVR to record what you want it to without needing to be in front of the machine in order to do so.  

The playback feature that is offered in DVR technology makes it possible for you to start watching the program at anytime throughout the recording period. What this means is if you are going to be fifteen minutes late to tune into your favorite show, you don't have to wait until the DVR has completed recording the show before you can begin watching it.

Your DVR will be connected to the TV in a way that allows you to pause the television and the DVR will then begin recording what you were watching live. When you un-pause the DVR, you can continue watching right from where you left off.