A Good Connection

  • Lowering Your Data Center Utility Costs

    30 September 2016

    Warm weather might be something that you are looking forward to in your personal life, but, if you are tasked with data center maintenance, you might face some challenges when the warm weather kicks in. Increased cooling costs can be tricky to avoid. Luckily, with the tips that follow, you may be able to lower those costs and keep your servers and other equipment working the way they should when the weather heats up.

  • Why Is Gaming Lag Still A Problem With Fast Internet?

    6 June 2016

    So you've got the fastest Internet available in your area. Downloads are quick, especially when it comes to downloading games and updates. Unfortunately, whenever you try to play a game, it seems like everything is going wrong with the consistency. People run in place, you shoot dead on target with no results, and when everything starts moving, your character is suddenly on the ground filled with either bullets, arrows, or charred by dragon's fire.