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Lowering Your Data Center Utility Costs

by Leo Wiita

Warm weather might be something that you are looking forward to in your personal life, but, if you are tasked with data center maintenance, you might face some challenges when the warm weather kicks in. Increased cooling costs can be tricky to avoid. Luckily, with the tips that follow, you may be able to lower those costs and keep your servers and other equipment working the way they should when the weather heats up.

Utilize PDUs

One way to avoid overheating and utility costs is to make use of Power Distribution Units, also called PDUs. These units are able to monitor how many volts are being used at any time and can provide adequate voltage as needed instead of allowing unchecked and excessive voltage. Over time, that can translate to lower utility costs because voltage isn't being wasted. Another benefit of these power distribution units is that you can better protect your equipment, as they are less likely to overheat while they are being used.

Paint Racks and Cabinets White

If your data center is like many others, the predominant color you see if you peer into the space is black. What you might not be aware of is that the color white reflects light much better than black does; in fact, about 80% of light can be reflected by white surfaces.

Why is this important to utility costs for your data center? The more light that is reflected, the less overhead lighting you'll need. You may find that your utility costs dip when you paint cabinets and racks white instead of black.

Have Your Data Center Audited

In order to know that your servers and equipment are set up to facilitate proper airflow so that the space doesn't get too hot, it's a good idea to enlist the assistance of professional auditors that specialize in data centers. They can look at ductwork, aisle containment, and the system's overall setup to determine how you can make the data center even more efficient. They might also be able to provide additional information about whether you have the right equipment in place; it is possible that you will need to upgrade some pieces in order to have more efficient equipment and, in turn, lower your utility costs.

Use the details here to keep utility costs down in your data center. Consult professionals like Cologix with expertise in this area for even more information that can help.