A Good Connection

4 Key Attributes of a Reputable Internet Service Provider

by Leo Wiita

Picking the wrong internet service provider (ISP) can be a regrettable business decision. For you to make a wise choice, there are several critical considerations to make. ISPs are invaluable partners to any business-oriented enterprise. Their services help facilitate core business processes such as internet connectivity, cloud-based computing, and email marketing, among others. 

When choosing the ideal partner, avoid basing your decision on cost and popularity alone. Instead, keep in mind the following key attributes:

The Internet Connection Types

Different ISPs offer varied internet connectivity, but you surely want one that offers high performance and speeds. The best internet speeds for a business running multiple applications should be super-fast, generally associated with fiber broadband.  Some internet service providers might provide wireless connectivity by setting up a wireless receiver at your business premises. That's hugely reliable if you want to skip the hassles related to laying Ethernet cables. However, wireless connectivity is less superior to fiber due to physical barriers that may slow down internet speeds.

Internet Uptime Considerations

Check whether internet providers can fulfill their uptime commitments. Circuits that don't live up to the hype can only mean your business opting for redundant services. Choose a service level agreement that offers realistic targets and not just a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. Stay keen on specific clauses that explicitly state the course of action should the services offered fail. Would you receive compensation or a discount on your monthly bill? Are there any standby support technicians ready to step in should a problem occur? Make sure all the details are captured in writing.

Speed vs. Cost

Always focus on choosing an ISP that offers internet packages with impressive upload and download speeds to facilitate your business operations. However, the fastest internet speeds may mean paying up for excessive bandwidth you don't require. Therefore, always weigh your options first.  For instance, if you have an e-commerce business, higher speeds may be preferable. However, if you only need to accomplish basic tasks, go for moderately inexpensive internet packages. Therefore, always strike a balance when it comes to speed and cost to choose an ideal ISP.

Client Support

Finally, customer support is a crucial aspect you shouldn't overlook when choosing an internet service provider. When your internet goes down, you want an ISP who can respond in time and offer practical solutions. When vetting prospective candidates, check online platforms for reviews about the ISP's response time and reliability. Some reviewers may give their opinions out of ill intentions or persuasions. Thus it'll be wise to get recommendations and check other places, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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