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Five Easy Ways To Avoid Going Over Your Data Cap

by Leo Wiita

With how much data the majority of internet users take up while browsing the web, watching movies online, or updating photos to share with friends, it may seem impossible to work around having a data cap. Whether the cap is a low 25gb a month or over 100gb, you should make some easy adjustments to your internet habits to avoid going over the cab and paying more for data.

Take Advantage of Non-Peak Hours

Most internet services providers with data caps in place have some form of free time where there is no data cap in place. This often takes place during the night and early morning, somewhere between midnight and 6am. Reserving this time to download any games you want to play or updates for your software can ensure that you get the most out of your data plan.

Eliminate Automatic Updating

Automatic updating for everything from games to operating systems or even drivers for your video card can end up costing you if you accidentally go over your data limit. An easy way to avoid any kind of surprises over your data usage is by turning off automatic updates and only letting them run during non-peak hours or at the end of the month.

Opt for 720p over 1080p

Watching videos online can be both entertaining and educating, but they can also be huge data hogs if you are not careful regarding quality.

When it comes to YouTube, turning down the quality from 1080p to 720p or below will not make a major difference in appearance, but it can reduce your data use significantly. Making any changes to your video quality on YouTube is as easy as going to the settings page and adjusting your quality information.

Keep the Wi-Fi Off On Your Phone

If you have a smart phone that you use at home, it is important that you are not watching videos, playing online games, or browsing the web using the wireless internet. Your Wi-Fi connection may give you the quickest connection at home, but it can also cost you if you have a low data cap.

Use Offline Mode for Music Services

Music streaming sites such as Google Music, Spotify, and Pandora can all be great resources for listening to the music you love without paying a lot, but it can also mean you are using up more data than you may expect. Going offline with these streaming sites or even turning down the quality of the music can make a big difference and ensure that you are not using up all your data on music.  

Making some adjustments to your internet usage is an important part of having a data cap. Not only will the above tips ensure that you have plenty of data to last the entire month, it will also help you avoid any huge bills when it comes time to pay for your internet each month. Contact your provider, such as Reserve Telecommunications, for more information.